nkro consult


‘Nkro’ Consult is a Christian-based child care consult aimed at the holistic development of children: spiritual, physical, cognitive, emotional and social. Our services are tailor-made for a various range of clientele: schools, corporate organisations, nannies, parents, churches, individuals, et cetera. Anything related to child care: feeding, clothing, discipline, bathing, sleeping, play and learning, is our specialty. An African playful twist to raising children.

Our philosophy is firmly grounded in Biblical principles as well as the Montessori pedagogy. Our focus is and will always be the child. Our desire is to create the right environment for Ghanaian children to blossom: assertive, courteous, motivated, team playing, critical thinking, and ethical or highly moral children who effect change and make impact wherever they find themselves. They are the children who walk into any space and take the centre stage and deliver!!! To achieve this Jesus must be at the center of it all. ‘Nkro’ Consult lays the foundation for this or builds on it (if already laid) in all our engagements with our clientele. The age range for the children is 0-12 with particular emphasis on 0-6.

We at tag were tasked to create an identity for this child-friendly brand. We created a brand that appeals to mothers and children, a brand that can be loved byt babies and adults alike. we chose to do infuse the primary colors and some of their corresponding secondary colors.





March 12, 2017


Architecture, Digital Art