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Future Vision.

Digital strategy cannot exist without an appreciation for overall business goals —especially conversion.

Product Design.

We diligently collaborate with business leads during requirements gathering and analysis.

Inovative Solutions.

Innovation in digital experiences requires heavy collaboration between design teams and business leads.



Our refreshing way of working brings the best results for our clients. We deliver beautifully crafted projects with passion. We are a full-service digital agency specializing in web design & development, customer experiences & digital marketing. We combine digital craftsmanship with innovative thinking to deliver disruptive digital solutions on a worldwide scale. We work with all clients from every business sector to unlock value through creativity, technology, and business-minded thinking.

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Committed and creative


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Locations: Accra, Edmonton, Johannesburg, London, Toronto and Nairobi.

Who we are

Innovation in digital experiences requires heavy collaboration between design teams and business leads. We diligently collaborate with business leads during requirements gathering, research design, and analysis, to keep all stakeholders informed and engaged.

Our philosophy

In an overcrowded world where brands fight for our attention every day, it’s important to develop a brand strategy that will help you cut through all the noise and reach the right people. At ANM Digital; our branding process includes:

How we work

Whether you’re an SME/Startup on the verge of something great or a Fortune 500 company looking for a refresh, our full-service capabilities will allow you to re imagine the way you do digital.
Discover — Develop — Design — Implement.

The team


We’re a creative agency made up of free thinkers and deep thinkers, art lovers and tech heads, planners and disruptions, wordsmiths and number cruncher, right and left-braininess… you get the picture.



Co-founder & CEO

Serwaa Smith

Serwaa Smith

Account & Marketing

Efo Koku

Efo Koku

CTO & Bus. Dev

What Clients Say.


Mwendo Githaiga
Nairobi, Kenya.
“Africa New Media Digital team is always responsive to any question I have, they keep me informed and they understand who we are and what we’re trying to do. I firmly believe that. And, any time that I make contact with them, they let me know they’ve received it and they let me know what the next step is.”
Samuel Washington
New York City
"You nailed it: you delivered on time and on budget and did so with grace and flexibility. You shined when it came to ease of the process and how you adapted when things don't go as planned. Your communication, understanding, and excitement make you stand out above other web firms."
Dr. Tuuli Sweetman
London, UK
"You are not a typical website design company! You are UNBELIEVABLY creative and straightforward, organized, and respond immediately to questions and communications. We appreciate the fact you don't just take the info we give you and do whatever we suggest; you actually look critically at it as a potential consumer's point of view and come up with your own ideas to make it better and more accessible."
"Africa new media digital agency did exactly what you said it does. Africa new media digital agency is exactly what our business has been lacking. Africa new media digital agency is the most valuable business resource we have EVER purchased. The service was excellent."